The demise of the 3DS and Wii U eShops has had many of us reminiscing on the days not too long ago when those digital stores were in their prime — as well as firing those stores up on their respective consoles to make sure we have all the games we want before they disappear for good next March.

Feature: 29 Best 3DS eShop Games You Should Get Before They’re Gone ForeverFeature: 23 Best Wii U eShop Games You Should Get Before They’re Gone Forever

One part of the 3DS store in particular feels like it may have gotten a little lost in the crowd: the DSiWare store. The handheld counterpart to WiiWare, this was a walled garden of digital-only games that appeared first on the DSi hardware revision of the original DS is often overlooked but is still currently accessibly via the 3DS eShop in its own little section, and it’s got a lot more games of note than you might have expected! A bunch of first-party-developed and published titles appear below, from studios with great pedigree. DSiWare gave developers room to experiment with smaller ideas unburdened by the financial risks of a full physical release — and the results were often fascinating. It’s not just a bunch of clock apps, you know!

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