Freud would be proud.

Not even a year ago, FuRyu revealed a curious new game called Monark that was heavily marketed as being the lovechild of several ex-Atlus staff who were instrumental in the early days of the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. Monark has certainly managed to deliver on that promise, as this is a title that retains the dark vibe and somewhat philosophical focus of those older titles, while bringing in some interesting new ideas that help it to stand on its own. It’s definitely rough around the edges, but we think this is still worth giving a fair look.

Monark cuts right to the chase in getting its story going, skipping any semblance of exposition or setup in favor of just tossing you in and letting you figure things out as you go. You’re placed in the role of an amnesiac high school student who wakes up in Shin Mikado Academy, an institution that seems to be struggling with a paranormal problem. Nobody can leave and most parts of the school have been overrun by a mysterious mist, which slowly causes madness if anyone spends too long breathing it in. The few survivors have barricaded themselves into the few remaining safe places, while the ever-encroaching mist threatens to waft in from all sides.

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