Possibly one of the most important losses.

The upcoming closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShop for new purchases and downloads has been notable news today, with plenty pointing out various download-only or DLC classics that will be lost when the stores close. You will be able to redownload content you already own for the foreseeable future, but you won’t be able to add funds on either store from 23rd May 2022, while purchases will fully end at the close of March 2023.

One particularly notable loss, in a major Nintendo IP no less, will be Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation. Much like the more recent Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Fates had multiple campaigns to dive into – Birthright, Conquest and Revelation. The first two saw you take different sides at a key point in the story, and each had differences in difficulty and the sorts of missions you faced. The structure of how you bought the campaigns was interesting too, with a Pokemon-style approach of a dual pack or individual retail versions for Birthright and Conquest.

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