Sony is offering to plant a tree for every player who earns a specific trophy in Horizon Forbidden West.

The company today announced a Play and Plant program to commemorate the release of Horizon Forbidden West. Sony is working with the Arbor Day Foundation and will donate one tree to a forest restoration project for every player who unlocks the “Reached the Daunt” trophy in the game.

The initiative covers three different reforestation projects across the US. They are located in Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin, Sheep Fire Private Lands in California, and Torreya State Park in Florida. In Douglas County, the surrounding communities and habitats are at risk as a result of the previous deforestation, which has destabilized the forest’s watershed protection abilities.

Sheep Fire Private Lands was chosen because grey wolves have returned to the region after being nearly hunted to extinction. They rely on landscapes like forests to thrive, and planting trees helps to accelerate the return of their natural environment. The longleaf pine population has been devastated in Torreya State Park due to deforestation and natural disasters. This increases fire risk as newly exposed ravines surrounded by downed wood become hotter and drier, thus necessitating the effort to plant more trees.

The promotion ends on March 25 or until all 3 reforestation projects are completed. It is estimated that about 288K trees will be needed for them. The “Reached the Daunt” trophy is unlocked automatically early on in the game’s story.

Horizon Forbidden West launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18. In IGN’s review, Simon Cardy says, “Guerrilla has outdone itself yet again with Forbidden West, and at this trajectory, neither the horizon nor the sky’s the limit for what could come next.”

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