“What’s Updog?” finally has a coherent answer.

A long time ago in 2002, long before many of you were even born, there was an obscure little Game Boy Advance platform game developed by Denki based on the football man David Beckham. It was called Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island and, quite frankly, it was magnificent. Why are we bringing up a David Beckham platformer? Well, at the risk of inviting some ridicule at the obscurity of this pronouncement, Grapple Dog is essentially its spiritual sequel.

The game’s designer may disagree, but we took one look at Grapple Dog’s chunky, colourful visuals and immediately assumed it was of Denki pedigree. Everything about it resembles the aforementioned Becks-’em-up, right down to specific HUD elements. Maybe there’s no connection. Perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree. But this similarity must be chronicled somewhere and it falls to us; the most specific recommendation imaginable — if you loved Go! Go! Beckham!, you’ll love Grapple Dog.

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