“We wanted to make the most generous game ever created”.

There are a lot of similar games on the Switch eShop, which can be a blessing when you’re seeking a particular genre or style. Titles with the creative conviction to be rather different and quirky are a little harder to come by, so in that respect Vostok Inc. remains as a bit of a standout, with developer Nosebleed Interactive showing a flair for clever and humorous game design.

While that game was a combination of ‘clicker’ gameplay, resource management and twin-stick shooting, the studio’s next major venture is entirely different. Targeting a release in Q2 this year, Arcade Paradise once again has business management at its heart, but this time far more grounded in reality – or retro reality anyway. You run a laundrette – which shouldn’t really be fun – but of course everyday and occasionally grim activities are given video game spins. Beyond that, though, you’re slowly creating and running a backroom arcade.

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