We’re not doing an Iron Maiden reference. Way too obvious.

Not content with finally getting seminal Build engine classic Blood back on digital storefronts (Switch port, please!), as well as the first two Turoks, Doom 64, Quake and Shadow Man, Nightdive Studios have finally got Ancient Egyptian FPS Powerslave (known in the UK as Exhumed) out of its sarcophagus and re-released it as the perfectly-named Powerslave Exhumed, finally giving modern gamers a chance to enjoy this tremendous little gem of a game.

Unusually, this is one boomer shooter from that’s best-known for its home console editions rather than the almost entirely different PC title. Home computer folks had to put up with a much less interesting, far more linear take on the game. Annoyingly, though, while both the Saturn (1996) and PlayStation (1997) versions offered a far superior title, they each had something to offer in their varying level designs. Brilliantly, then, Nightdive have combined the stage layouts of both games in order to separate the wheat from the chaff and deliver the best possible version of the game.

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