Packed with potential — and not much else.

It takes mere moments to notice that GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, the welcome revival of Konami’s Famicom-exclusive action/RPG hybrid GetsuFumaDen, is the once-respected publisher’s uncomfortably close take on Dead Cells‘ excellent ‘action roguelite’ gameplay.

There’s the opening room containing a visual record of every weapon unlocked so far. There’s the sub-weapon cooldown counter. There’s the choice of portals leading to the next randomly generated landscape. There’s the limited health potions, the special weapon attributes, the mixture of permanent and run-exclusive upgrades for everything ensuring every attempt is just that little bit easier than the last, the towering bosses, the damaging double-jump stomp… You can find the much loved older title’s DNA in every aspect of Undying Moon’s gameplay. It’s an understandable but unwise move that sadly doesn’t completely work in this new release’s favour, every newly introduced mechanic and item pick-up only inviting comparison with a more fully featured and original alternative.

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