It’s an Olli, Olli, Olli, Olli World.

A little over 8 years ago, Roll7 first introduced the world to OlliOlli, a fun little take on a 2D platformer that centered around skating. Barely a year later, the studio then released OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood, which built on the mechanics and scope of the original in nearly every way. With that last entry (and the comilation release OlliOlli: Switch Stance), it seemed like the developer had done everything it wanted with the concept, but then it surprised us all with the announcement of OlliOlli World. It was clear right from the off that OlliOlli World would be a more ambitious and fleshed out entry in the series, and we’re pleased to announce that it has fully delivered on that initial promise. OlliOlli World has perfected the addictive, tough gameplay of its predecessors and stands as a must-have release that you just need to try.

OlliOlli World is set in the world of Radlandia, a whimsical, magical, continent-sized skate park formed long ago by the five skate gods who might be real. Their emissary, Chiffon, acts as the link between the realms of the divine and the mortal, but Chiffon is ready to retire from skating for good and is looking for a suitable successor to take up the mantle. You play as a promising potential replacement, but there’s a lot of tricks and skills you have to learn before you’re finally worthy of the position. To prepare yourself, you thus set out on a quest to the furthest corners of Radlandia in search of the gods and the secrets of becoming the world’s greatest skater.

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