Sold 2.74 million in its first few months.

Metroid Dread was a hugely hyped reveal in Nintendo’s E3 2021 presentation and there was lots of excitement, praise and awards buzz around the game following its release on 8th October (alongside the Switch OLED model). How did that convert to sales, though? Well, following a very strong start, the first official numbers are in and they’re ok in terms of big first-party releases, but very healthy from a franchise perspective.

Up to 31st December, Metroid Dread sold 2.74 million units, which accounts for nearly three months of sales. While that’s not huge when compared to massive multi-million juggernauts like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing, it’s a very solid result for a series whose sales numbers don’t tend to align with the mindshare it enjoys with Nintendo fans. In Japan, especially, Metroid has never been a big seller.

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