Dying Light 2’s day one patch will include more than 1,000 bug fixes on top of the thousand made since the game went gold.

Bugs present in the pre-release version of the game included dialogue that blocked story progression, regular crashing, and missing sound and voice-over audio. IGN’s review of Dying Light 2 came with a Bug Alert recommending players with a low bug-tolerance to avoid the game until it had received such updates.

Developer Techland said in a statement: “Within the last two weeks we added over a thousand fixes and improvements on all the platforms.

“You can expect the day one patch with another thousand tweaks to go live on consoles within the next few days, and of course, we are continuing our efforts to improve the PC version in real-time.”

IGN said Dying Light 2 was “good”, and “an ambitious zombie action adventure that’s packed with top-notch parkour, an awesome open world, and every painful bug in the book.”

Techland recently delayed the Nintendo Switch version of the game, saying it will no longer release on February 4 but instead “within six months”. It also promised that Dying Light 2 will receive five years of post-launch content on top of the supposed 500 hours it takes to fully complete the game.

Dying Light 2 will launch on February 4 for Xbox, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Dying Light 2 Day One Patch Notes

Fixed the Broadcast infinite respawn story blockFix for dialogues that block story progressionRe-signing to the coop session doesn’t fail in case the user is logged inFixed crash when handling electrical parts to Carlos in BazaarFixed problems with temporarily lowering the difficulty level – improved adaptive difficulty for AIsFixed crash caused by background renderer during the transition between menu and loading screensIncreased Wwise overall memory limit – fix for missing sounds and voice-overResolved problems with objects and AI sinking into the ground on a flat surface.DLSS enabled. Improved default DLSS sharpness.Fix for AI sometimes freezing/becoming immortal when the owner changes during deathFixed the gamepad isn’t detected by the game before any movement or action will be conducted using a keyboard or mouseAdded protection against potential crashes.Updates for ES, CH; DE intro.Added missing game actions fixing the game’s unresponsiveness.Fixed streamer mode option that(was not working properly).Fixed crash on opening the secondary screen.Fixed disconnecting coop sessions after a certain amount of time.And many more…

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