American McGee’s Alice is getting its very own TV show, and it’s being created by David Hayter, writer of the original X-Men movie, and voice of Solid Snake.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hayter will write and showrun the upcoming video game adaptation, bringing the classic twisted Alice in Wonderland video game to TV.

“The American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns game series is a ground-breaking reimagining of the classic tale,” said Hayter. “It takes you into the heart of a corrupted Wonderland and throws light into shadowy corners the world has never seen. I am beyond excited to bring this world of madness and wonder to a global audience.”

American McGee’s Alice was originally released in 2000 and told the story of Alice, a psychiatric patient traumatised by the death of her family who retreats into the fictional world of Wonderland.

IGN’s own review said: “Alice impresses and keeps impressing. It’s really rare that you play a game that’s just so consistently brilliant, and never falls to the “first level punch” only to peter out as you get more than halfway through the game. Alice will suck you in, and keep you interested through its entire elaborate journey.” The game was followed up with a sequel, Alice: Madness Returns in 2011.

As for the upcoming TV show, no broadcaster has been set just yet, but the show will be produced in partnership with Abandon Entertainment.

“David Hayter brings imagination, experience, and stealth sneaking skills gained through successful missions in film, TV, and video games – a unique combination sure to make this adventure into Wonderland a successful one for the franchise and the fans,” said series creator McGee. “I am excited to be working with him and know the Alice fans will welcome him with mad affection.”

Hayter himself is best known as the original voice of Solid Snake in the English language version of Metal Gear Solid. However, he has a history in screenwriting, penning the original X-Men movie, co-writing X2, and an early version of the Watchmen movie.

American McGee’s Alice was once tapped to head to the big screen, but development of the project faltered after a few years.

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