No Man’s Sky studio Hello Games has announced that it’s surprise-released remasters of its debut Joe Danger games on Apple devices.

Before it gained notoriety for making No Man’s Sky, Hello Games cut its teeth with Joe Danger – a sidescrolling mobile series. Now, ahead of the character’s tenth birthday, Hello Games has revealed that both Joe Danger and Joe Danger Infinity have been remastered for iOS15 and are available as of today from the App Store.

The remasters see a number of enhancements over their predecessors. Improved graphics, a new engine, and upped framerates are present in both titles, while Joe Danger Infinity will also gain the added benefit of gamepad and ProMotion support for those who are interested. To cap off the good news, Hello Games has also revealed that any fans who already own either game will receive an update today for free.

Studio head Sean Murray added that, at a later date, both games will be “fully playable for free online”.

Having originally sold over a million copies, Joe Danger unfortunately became a casualty of the Apple App store, as iOS looked to cull older games that were no longer supported by the latest Apple devices. While Hello Games founder Sean Murray admits that the success of No Man’s Sky left Joe Danger slightly unloved, he says that the team has been working for the past two years to bring the character back to life, piece by piece through eight years of Unity updates.

“Hello Games is best known for No Man’s Sky, but for us though it really doesn’t feel that long ago that we were pouring everything we had into a game called Joe Danger,” stated Murray in a press release. “Joe holds a special place in our hearts. It was our first game when we were still four guys in a shed, trying to get noticed.”

“We published it ourselves (no publishers were interested!), houses were even re-mortgaged to bring it to completion! Joe helped our studio get a foothold and establish ourselves as a company, but it’s also where we learned to make games.”

For more from Joe Danger, make sure to check out our original review for the game where we awarded it a 9.5/10.

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