Banjo-Luigee: The Bird, The Bear, And The Brother.

It’s a match made in hell: The surprisingly creepy Banjo-Kazooie, a game in which you have to fight a witch and all her minions in order to save your sister from… getting very ugly; and the very creepy Luigi’s Mansion, a game in which you have to fight a horde of ghosts in order to save your brother from being turned into a painting.

In fact, it’s surprising that this project, which fuses the two, hasn’t been done before (although feel free to correct us in the comments). Grunty’s Mansion, by modder Jackson Game Studios, lets the bear-bird combo explore a re-imagined Luigi’s Mansion, which has been filled with notes, eggs, golden feathers and Jiggies, as well as replacing all the ghosts with the Banjo enemies.

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