Domo arigatou, Mr. Roboto.

It’s been a while since renowned Japanese developer Level-5 launched an IP that didn’t come complete with accompanying merchandise lines, manga, and anime to complement its latest game property. Professor Layton, Ni No Kuni, Inazuma Eleven, Snack World, and of course, Yo-kai Watch have all benefited from the franchise treatment, and newcomer Megaton Musashi is no exception. Released exclusively in Japan in November 2021, Megaton Musashi is a mech-combat RPG that resembles the giant mecha work of fellow Japanese developer Sandlot, but in actual practice plays more like a hybrid of Level-5 stablemate, Little Battlers Experience and, of all things, Atlus’ Persona series.

Released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (although it began life as a 3DS title in early development), Megaton Musashi welds the overworld navigation and extensive chit-chat of the Persona series to periodic ‘mecha-versus-alien’ showdowns. You see, the basic Megaton Musashi plot is downright Matrix-y: The Earth has been destroyed and terraformed by alien ‘draktors,’ and the remaining 0.01% of Earth’s inhabitants – who all live underground in an environment that looks suspiciously like a Japanese suburb – are somehow blissfully unaware that the planet has been overtaken by the invading species. A few select ‘chosen ones,’ however, are aware of the situation, and pilot giant robots called ‘rogues’ to do battle with the extraterrestrials. This is where you come in.

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