Now this is a Brucie bonus.

It’s a result we had previously only dared to hope for. When SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium dropped on Switch almost a year ago, the fruits of the two fighting game companies’ all-too-brief alliance were once again deemed “potentially in play”. But when the labelled “Volume 1” of the wonderful Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection came out, we were a little cut up that the opportunity hadn’t been taken to feature what is arguably the best game on the system, Card Fighters’ Clash. We were sceptical that the professed first volume would ever be followed up by a second — as much as we love the Neo Geo Pocket Color (and we do, it’s brilliant), it doesn’t have the biggest library and most of the already-localised essentials were in that initial batch. Now, though, all bets are off as — thank god — Card Fighters’ Clash has made it to Switch. Calloo callay, ’tis a frabjous day!

Originally released in 1999 (sufficiently close to the Japanese release of Pokémon Trading Card Game to allay any concrete accusations of style-biting), it’s a card-battling RPG par excellence, with incredibly simple mechanics making the game — yes! — extremely easy to get into, but with depth enough to make it a long-term commitment to attain mastery.

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