Set sail for the Land of Rin next month.

Stegosoft’s Chrono Trigger-esque Rise of the Third Power was first announced back in 2018 and, with a demo released exclusively on Steam last year, we weren’t entirely sure whether or not it was destined for a Switch release.

However, a new eShop listing for the game has now confirmed that it will indeed hit Nintendo’s console, arriving on 10th February priced at £17.99/$19.99/€19.99. The game, which is a follow-up to Stegosoft’s WW1-inspired Ara Fell, sees a party of eight heroes fight to survive as they battle across the Land of Rin in order to topple an evil emperor, all while the clock ticks down towards “the reprise of the greatest war in human history”, which we’re assuming means some sort of alternate universe World War 2 is on the cards.

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