It’s keen to make a splash.

Cast your mind back to the original concept trailer for Nintendo Switch (or watch it above, up to you). Nintendo had shown photogenic people playing Switch in the park, on a plane, at rooftop parties, and also in esports. Though Nintendo has generally gone for a relatively low-effort approach to pushing its role in esports, avoiding a great deal of the pesky work and monetary investments, it has been slowly trying to do more. In the grand vision of late 2016 it was Splatoon 2 that would play out in a packed arena of excited fans, as Nintendo evidently envisioned big things for the franchise.

That didn’t happen, for a broad combination of reasons, but the game was a success. It was certainly meatier than its experimental Wii U original, offering more content and options for solo or co-op play. The competitive multiplayer, of course, became the long-term focus for many, and you can still find players battling it out online with terrifying rankings.

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