Game over, man, game over!

Sequels are supposed to be better than their predecessors. Although such a statement doesn’t always ring true (plenty will have a lot to say about which of the Metroid Prime games is their favourite) the intention behind a sequel is to learn from and improve upon previous works – that’s the theory, at least. When Hollow released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018 we didn’t like it all that much, calling it an “ugly game” that was “difficult to play”. Surely, then, its sequel will turn out to be a better experience..? Well, it’s different.

Although visually similar to the first game, Hollow 2 takes the same general setup and gameplay but dials the action right up to 11. It feels like a completely different game as a result; gone are the slow, explorative sections of the first title, replaced instead with almost constant horde-like showdowns with the various enemies, all of which come thick and fast right from the start. Like we said, it’s a different experience, but one that’s still plagued with the same agonising issues, making Hollow 2 an absolute chore to play.

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