Fun for the whole family over the holidays.

Nintendo’s Switch is the perfect console for co-op multiplayer gaming and certainly goes down a treat at a party, but if you want to play games with your young kids and granny and granddad, it can be tough to find games that are genuinely fun for everyone involved. We know from personal experience the delicate balance of holding a child’s interest that often comes at the expense of your own. Letting them win to avoid tears (or, perhaps worse, the dreaded “I’m bored”) is fine, but it would be nice if we could share in the fun, too.

Well, thankfully there is a better way with Switch. When it comes to family gaming — especially over the festive period — there really is no better console available, and here we’ve picked out the best family games on Nintendo Switch. These are games which offer a great balance of fun and accessibility to help everyone enjoy themselves, not just the kids.

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