Excite Truck ftw.

While the last couple of E3s haven’t been quite what we’re used to for obvious reasons, it’s the memories of glorious summers past which keep our enthusiasm for the event alive. Earlier this year we took a look at a handful of Nintendo’s most iconic E3 moments, but researching for that article and rewatching Nintendo’s conferences was also a harsh reminder of the days of Standard Definition video — a far cry from the HD and UHD we’re used to these days.

However, if you’re looking to relive the exciting (for should that be Excite-ing) days of 2006, GoldMetalSonic on Twitter has taken it upon themselves to upscale Nintendo’s conference footage and gift everyone the cleanest version yet of the last E3 before the Wii arrived and propelled the company to levels of success not seen since the 8-bit days.

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