Well, after Gift Cards.

There are many, many ways to buy and enjoy games nowadays, but it’s fair to say that retail behemoth Amazon is still a big option for a lot of consumers. As a major player in game sales (and sales of pretty much anything) it’s interesting to see its best performers of the year, and in terms of gaming the results are intriguing for multiple reasons.

You can see the regularly updated page here for the US store, though it’ll likely now stay roughly the same for the rest of the year. Interesting point number one is that you don’t see any games until #11 in the chart, with the top 10 consisting entirely of digital store gift cards and accessories. From a Switch perspective there’s a $10 eShop gift card at number 3, while an officially licenced Mario-themed micro-SD card is at number 8. More similar accessories and gift cards can be found throughout the charts too, showing that consumers are more than savvy in terms of knowing they’ll need store credit and expanded storage with their system.

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