We love these games, they’re so bad.

Video games can’t really be boiled down to a number. Many people may see a middling 5/10 review score — defined as ‘Average’ on the Nintendo Life scale — and decide to avoid the title at all costs. But what exactly does that 5 mean? We thankfully have a big ol’ chunk of text to accompany that number, but the path to deciding on numerical value is complicated.

What we’re trying to say is a game with a low score isn’t necessarily a bad game. The package might be messy but sometimes there’s a lot of good along the way. As with any review, it’s all subjective and what some may deem ‘Poor’ may be viewed entirely differently by others.

For the next few days Alex, Zion and Jon are putting a spotlight on games they agree are troubled but have elements that shine through and give heart. Not everything below a 7 should be avoided and these are a few games we believe are still worth your time despite their problems. We begin today with Zion’s pick.

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