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Over the holidays we’re republishing some of our best features, interviews, opinion pieces and talking points from the previous 12 months from staff and contributors alike — articles that we feel represent our best of 2021. In them you’ll find our usual mix of thoughtfulness, frivolity, retro expertise, gaming nostalgia, and — of course — enthusiasm for all things Nintendo. Enjoy!

R-Type may be 34 years old but the beyond-enthusiastic reception for R-Type Final 2‘s Kickstarter proved Irem’s long-running series is much more than a nostalgic memory held close by a few greying fans, or vintage shmup still hazily respected from a great distance. R-Type can still generate hype and open up wallets; the thought of more was enough to see the game’s Kickstarter campaign raise double (and then some) its initial funding goal. The series is an evergreen classic and rightfully so, and one that has at times made a happy home for itself on Nintendo hardware, with the arguable highlight landing on an unexpected format: the humble Game Boy Color.

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