Second-hand Nintendo games are notoriously pricey, but why?

Over the holidays we’re republishing some of our best features, interviews, opinion pieces and talking points from the previous 12 months from staff and contributors alike — articles that we feel represent our best of 2021. In them you’ll find our usual mix of thoughtfulness, frivolity, retro expertise, gaming nostalgia, and — of course — enthusiasm for all things Nintendo. Enjoy!

The year is 1999. I’m in a GAME, in Loughborough town centre. The grey carpet is sticky, the awful fluorescent lights are so dim I can barely see, and everything sort of smells like stale sweat. I’m standing in the N64 section with my brother, both of us clutching a small fortune in pocket money, browsing games that we know nothing about, because we don’t know that reviews exist yet. We are children, and our buying habits tend to be dictated by whichever colours are brightest, and what we can actually reach.

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