Flux, but no capacity.

It seems as though the key to making a good Doctor Who game is… to not let the player take control of The Doctor. Developer Maze Theory’s recent (and rather excellent) Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins was a compelling realisation of this concept, and now Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is a somewhat more traditional take on the long-running series.

We don’t think it’s controversial to say that Doctor Who has a patchy-at-best history with the medium of video games, from the Amiga’s Dalek Attack and earlier through to Charles Cecil’s The Adventure Games and well-meaning side-scroller The Eternity Clock. The misses, to put it bluntly, are a lot more recurrent than the hits. It’s an odd situation, because you’d think that Doctor Who has more than enough locations, creatures and general fodder for a rollicking great high-budget adventure. Unfortunately, said high budgets don’t appear to be in evidence, and The Doctor’s predilection for non-violent resolution — laudable as it is — doesn’t lend itself brilliantly to blasty-wasty video games.

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