Bokeh, the new studio from Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, has revealed its first game, entitled Slitterhead.

Shown off at The Game Awards 2021, we got a look at a truly upsetting trailer that appears to be set in Japan, where various people’s heads — and then their whole bodies — get real messed up as they transform into loathesome creatures.

You appear to play as someone fighting these skeletal, messed up monsters, though it’s hard to tell at this early stage exactly what the plot is beyond “everything is pretty messed up and trying to kill you.” Apropos from the creator of Silent Hill.

Toyama set up Bokeh Game Studio after leaving Sony Japan alongside Junya Okura (Gravity Rush) and Kazunobu Sato (The Last Guardian). He went on to announce that the studio’s first project would be a horror action-adventure and showed off some suitably grotesque concept art. Toyama will serve as the game’s creative director, while Akira Yamaoka will be doing the music.

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