It’s gaming Christmas, aka The Game Awards, in which dozens of adverts for upcoming video games arrive at Geoff Keighley’s awards ceremony. Cardy stayed up all night to watch them because he’s mad, and so he joins Alex and Matt on this week’s IGN UK podcast to talk about all the highlights. (Alex and Matt watched the trailers this morning like normal people).

In addition to discussing the likes of Star Wars: Eclipse, Alan Wake 2, Sommerville, Arc Raiders, Space Marine 2, and Suicide Squad, this week’s podcast also covers the big topic of the week: Halo Infinite’s campaign. Has 343 Industries finally made a campaign that lives up to the best of Bungie, or does the open world design just not suit Master Chief? We’ve got plenty of thoughts.

Plus, to make this episode extra special, we’ve got an interview with one of the finest directors in history: Mr. Steven Spielberg.

As ever, there’s another edition of the Endless Search (this time it’s Halo flavoured) and we respond to your feedback about replaying games and sucking on chocolate.

Want to submit your own Endless Search, food opinion, or a bit of other nonsense? Feel free to get in touch with the podcast at:

IGN UK Podcast #622: Sucking on Chocolate is Wonderful

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