You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

When you get right down to it, almost every game consists of a very simple loop. For example, every Mario 2D platformer ultimately is nothing more than having the famed plumber jump over obstacles and run to the right. We’re rarely focused on the repetition, however, because it’s the new things that happen on each new trip ‘around the loop’ that makes it so interesting. Loop Hero is the ultimate example of this; Devolver Digital’s latest release is an RPG that’s focused on… walking in circles. And yet it’s impossible to put down.

Loop Hero puts you in the role of a nameless hero who’s charged with bringing the world back after it was destabilized and eradicated by a mysterious lich. The world is now a formless void filled with bits and pieces of what used to be, and even the hero’s memories of it have been eaten away, too. Luckily, your hero has the unique ability to cause things to stop fading, so you set out on a quest to slay the cosmic foes that ruined everything and hopefully find some way to bring it all back again.

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