Bee-rilliant, bee-witching, bee-ry annoying.

Another day, another prestigious arcade shmup finds a happy new home for itself on the Switch. This may sound like we’ve skipped straight to the end of this review a few paragraphs early but as it’s been a full decade since DoDonPachi Resurrection’s English Xbox 360 release, more than that since it debuted in Japanese arcades, and several years since its Steam port, there’s no point keeping anyone in suspense: this hypnotic mixture of bullets, lasers, and shiny collectibles is without a doubt one of the best of its type.

It’s also one of the most flexible of its type too, with eight very different ways to play and seven of those featuring extensive training options, allowing anyone to practise all levels, bosses, and even mid-bosses under any conditions imaginable. The options available go so far that, as with Espgaluda II, anyone who has a burning desire to display the main screen slightly off to the left at 107% magnification with the background image auto-changing every 38 seconds in one specific mode can do so if they wish.

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