We go hands-on with the Aya Neo 2021 Pro.

Next year, the Switch will be five years old – a fact which makes the continued demand for the console all the more remarkable. Despite being powered by technology that, even back in 2017, could hardly be described as cutting-edge, the hybrid system has shifted over 90 million units worldwide and shows no signs of slowing down as we move into 2022.

Even so, Nintendo is savvy enough to know that continual hardware refreshes are a good way of maintaining momentum, and it has already iterated on the base Switch model twice (three times if you count the version with improved battery life). This year’s OLED model is perhaps the most significant enhancement, bringing with it a larger, super-bright display, improved audio and superior build quality. However, the one thing that many people were hoping for is absent: more power under the hood. In terms of processing prowess, it’s essentially the same deal as the 2017 original.

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