Dhampir squib.

These days, it feels like every other ‘new’ game being released is a remake or a remaster of some old game. There’s value in this, however, as it’s wonderful to have great games that were previously locked to old platforms brought onto modern devices with improvements and additions. But, just because a game is retro, doesn’t mean it needs to be revisited. Some games are best left in the past, and BloodRayne is one of them. While it may have a mildly interesting premise in 2002, BloodRayne ReVamped is a boring, shoddy, and nearly-broken mess of a game that you should definitely avoid.

BloodRayne places you in the role of Rayne, a half-human half-vampire ‘dhampir’ living in the ’30s during the height of the Nazi regime. Hitler has formed a secret organization to investigate how the occult can be utilized to aid the Nazi effort, and this has resulted in Rayne being called in to deal with the problems which that obviously has started to cause. It’s far from a gripping narrative, and it’s not helped at all by the dull, bored performances from the voice cast, but there’s something vaguely alluring to be found in what a schlocky mess the story turns out to be. It’s in that ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ category.

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