Garish gaming garments to keep you warm this Xmas.

You hear that? That jingle bell-tinged drone is the sound of festive inevitability! In amongst the socks and the boxes of deodorant you’ll be gifted this holiday season, there’s a high probability there’ll be an ugly festive jumper in there somewhere. Yes, even though granny’s turned the thermostat to maximum and Dad has the fire going as well, you’re going to be sat there sweltering in a garish, itchy, woollen nightmare. C´mon, it’s tradition!

Yes, it’s Christmastime, but there’s no need to be afraid. If you have to wear a festive abomination at home or at the office party, why not make it something a little more fun this year? Below we’ve rounded up the best of gaming-related knitwear – specifically sweaters – available this Christmas that’ll keep everybody happy.

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