With a dash of Zelda for good measure.

It really feels like we’re in somewhat of an extended ‘bullet hell’ renaissance, doesn’t it? As soon as developers realised that the sub-genre didn’t need to be confined to linear vertically scrolling shmups, we’ve seen fresh takes that inject new life into other genres. Archvale is a mashup of a top-down 2D adventure title in the vein of The Legend of Zelda, with twin-stick bullet-hell shooting mechanics as its main hook; quite similar, then, to the recently released Trigger Witch.

Unlike Trigger Witch, however, Archvale feels more like a traditional fantasy adventure game; there’s no crazy modern weaponry or over-the-top blood and gore. Instead, Archvale puts its focus on challenging gameplay, exploration, and progression via crafting and levelling up. It’s a lean experience, but also one that hides many secrets and fun tidbits that naturally extend its runtime without feeling needlessly or artificially bloated.

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