It has Steve Aoki and Sonic, so…

It’s been quite a year for Sonic the Hedgehog, now 30 years old and perhaps losing a step – after the big 3 and 0 it’s all downhill . The Switch iteration of Sonic Colors Ultimate could have certainly been better, but we’d argue that the Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony was a genuine highlight and delight – it’s even on Spotify in all of its glory.

For every high, Sonic fans know there has to be a low, depending on tastes of course. SEGA teamed up with Steve Aoki for a crossover concert that you can see at the top of this page; it’s basically Aoki doing a normal gig in front of a greenscreen with some iffy animated Sonic backgrounds. If you watch natively on YouTube there is an option to move the camera, and it supports VR if you have the gear.

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