Was entrusted with deliveries of Switch and PS5 units.

With demand outstripping supply in the gaming space it’s led to increases in scalping and thefts, with another example appearing in the Japanese media (via Sankei and Kotaku). With Switch systems and the PS5s in particular being hard to find in Japan, one man entrusted with a significant amount of stock for delivery ended up selling them privately for a profit.

It was confirmed by police in Tokyo that a man was arrested after selling around 200 consoles and games. The unemployed man (Japanese media often reports employment status when reporting arrests) was given the goods for home deliveries in October, but instead sold them to stores in the popular Akihabara district; the value of the goods was reportedly around 5.8 million yen (approx $51,100USD) with the man’s profit from his sales reportedly being just over half that amount.

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