Something borrowed, something new.

The Wild at Heart feels like an amalgamation of some of Nintendo’s most unique gaming mechanics. Such a statement might strike fear into your heart, and we wouldn’t blame you. After all, many attempts by third-parties to imitate Nintendo’s design traits and tricks have fallen flat thanks to poor execution or a lack of understanding concerning what made such mechanics so great in the first place. The Wild at Heart, however, is one of the most successful stabs at playing Nintendo’s game we’ve seen in some time.

Featuring a mix of gameplay elements from Pikmin, Luigi’s Mansion, and The Legend of Zelda, The Wild at Heart might, on paper at least, seem like it has no ideas of its own, instead being perfectly content with hanging on the coattails of Nintendo’s finest. However, despite pulling most of its mechanics from other games — not unlike the similarly magpie-like (and excellent) Death’s Door — thanks to its well-realised world, engaging characters, and stunning visual design, developer Moonlight Kids has managed to craft something that feels wholly unique.

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