One to strike from the Medical Register.

There’s a sort of… B-tier of Nintendo puzzlers, isn’t there? Stuff like Yoshi’s Cookie and Wario’s Woods. We’d argue, perhaps fruitlessly, that Dr. Mario slots into this little group rather better than the truly A-grade stuff. On Switch, in particular, there’s an embarrassment of puzzling riches that we’d pick over this one. But why?

We know it’s a slightly contentious position, because it is definitely a classic game by some measure, but Dr. Mario 64? It sort of sucks. Please, don’t get upset. You love Dr. Mario, I’m sure. Throwing those pills into that massive jar has an admitted appeal in its silliness. Different-coloured viruses appear. Mario throws different-coloured pills into the jar in order to line them up and destroy said viruses. The catch is that each pill is made up of two segments, each of which can be one of three colours. You’ve got to rotate and manoeuvre the pills in such a way that you match four colours, either pill or virus, at which point they’ll disappear. Same as it ever was. The problem is, we just don’t find it especially fun or interesting.

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