Deathloop’s second big update is here, and the patch notes indicate that it addresses some of players’ biggest concerns. The update focuses on enemy AI, UI issues, audio, and other elements.

One of the biggest changes is that Julianna players will receive a win if a Colt player drops out of their game, a change that will surely make fans of Deathloop’s multiplayer happy. Previously, a Colt player bouncing from a multiplayer session could mean a lot of wasted time for a Julianna player with little to no reward.

Colt players who try to wait out Julianna will also get a sort of slap on the wrist. If a Colt player hides in the tunnels that connect each area of Deathloop’s map, they’ll be automatically pinged and the tunnel doors will open, allowing a Julianna player to more easily eliminate them. The antenna that Colt must hack to escape also takes slightly longer to hack, and Bethesda says an AI-controlled Julianna will be “more reactive” to Colt’s actions, though doesn’t explain how.

Enemy NPC behavior has also been dramatically improved. NPCs will react to bullets whizzing by their heads, when another NPC is assassinated nearby, and can hear better and react faster to footsteps.

Accessibility changes include controller remapping being added, left/right stick inversion, larger UI buttons and text in menus and larger selectable menu areas.

You can find the full patch notes below.

NPCs now react to bullets passing close by, such as headshots that missNPCs now react when another is assassinated close byNPCs now hear better and react faster to nearby footfallsNPCs under fire no longer move to take cover if the player is too closeNPCs can now deduce the direction from which a grenade was thrownNPCs no longer stop trying to kill Colt if Julianna uses Nexus to link him to themInterrupted aerial assassinations will no longer cause NPCs to become mostly invulnerableNumerous other small fixes and improvements to NPC behavior, reactions, pathing, and placementCharlie Montague no longer gets stuck in the floor or ground if he’s kicked while using Shift


Added controller remapping and left/right stick inversionUI buttons and text in options menu are now larger, as are their selectable areas[PS5] Added Field-of-View and motion-blur options. We continue to listen to community feedback and explore more quality of life and accessibility options for a future update.


Colt dropping the game now counts as a win for a player-controlled JuliannaAI-controlled Julianna is now more reactive to Colt’s actionsThe antenna that Colt must hack to escape now takes slightly longer to hackAFK players are taggedColt players who linger in Colt’s tunnels for too long are automatically tagged and that causes the tunnel doors to openHigher chance that you will invade players on your Friends list while they are playing in ‘Online mode’Strelak Sapper Charges thrown by NPCs that Julianna has attacked will no longer create false Colt tags for JuliannaPlayers now properly hear audio reactions from the opposing player during meleeStrelak Sapper Charges will now stick to Julianna as they do to other NPCs


The UI is now clearer regarding Residuum loss on deathThe appearance of weapons and other items is improved within the Loadout UIThe UI HUD will now properly display updates made to key bindings and controlsThe game will now pause fully during the Game Over splash screenMelee will now be labeled correctly when in the weapon cycle on a controller (Y)When aiming down sights, crosshairs will no longer disappear while the player is close enough to an NPC to perform an assassinationThe Heritage Gun’s reticle will now indicate the increased scatter from the Scattergun perk[PC] Players will no longer be asked to confirm changes to visual settings if nothing was changed[PC] Fixed an issue in which mouse wheel sensitivity was overreduced when zooming in or out to view a weapon in the Loadout UI


Duplicate Slab upgrades are now converted to a harvestable Residuum objectIn Karl’s Bay, Harriet and her cultists can no longer shoot at Colt through the closed security door to her officeAlso in Karl’s Bay, a certain window in Hangar 2 has been restored to its intended functionalityStrelak Sapper Charges can no longer be thrown in a way that enables the player to clip through doors or other surfacesKicking a Strelak Sapper Charge while “cooking” it no longer causes the Charge to explode and no longer causes subsequent Charges to disappear when thrownTurret placement can no longer be used as a way to enable the player to clip through doors or other surfacesHackable antennas now give clearer audiovisual feedback of their hacked statusFixed an issue that could result in Colt having 2 guns in the same hand or one gun in the left hand instead of the right hand after a repriseFixed an issue that could prevent a weapon from being further reloaded if player switched to a same ammunition type while reloading then switched back to original weaponFixed an issue that could cause the Hackamajig not to be automatically equipped to an empty hand when first picked upFixed an issue that could lead to a player using the Shift Slab to reach a ledge, triggering the vaulting action, and getting stuck in the ledge instead of vaulting itFixed a case in which 2-Bit interactions were not working as intendedFixed an issue that caused some hackable doors to become unopenable if kicked while hackingMore than one turret can no longer occupy the same spaceFixed an issue that could trap players if Fia’s large bunker doors close on them


Fixed an issue in which the player could unequip the machete during an assassination animationCorrected some issues with FSR integration and improved overall implementation.Fixed in issue in which the player could unequip a jammed gun during the unjamming animationFixed bugs, including some that could cause crashes, related to the DLSS and ray tracing graphics optionsFixed numerous minor visual glitches, including some related to indirect lightingFixed or improved numerous audio details and timings, including some improved voiceover linesImproved audio mixing across the boardFixed an issue that could cause graphical glitching when a door is opened at the same time a sensor closes itTurret indicator lights now no longer function if the turret’s battery is destroyedThe hostile/friendly indicator lights on Field Nullifiers are now consistent with those on turretsFixed an issue that caused deactivated turrets to sound as though they’re deployed when thrown or droppedFixed an issue that rarely caused closed doors to appear as though they’re open


Fixed an issue that enabled Julianna to be rewarded with duplicate trinketsFixed an issue that prevented the “Ensemble Tragedy” achievement from being rewarded properlyFixed an issue that prevented Julianna from earning the Double Vision feat if killing Colt via assassination while Masquerading as a VisionaryFixed an issue that enabled Julianna players to earn the Sorceress feat even if weapons were usedFixed an issue that counted Colt’s own deaths to Julianna’s gunfire toward the “Don’t Mind Me” achievement


Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash while using the Strelak VersoFixed an issue that could cause the game to crash if Colt dies just as a cinematic beginsFixed an issue that could rarely cause the game to become unresponsive on exiting the Journal[PC] Fixed an issue that could cause the game to become unresponsive while remapping controls from keyboard to controller or vice versa


Fixed an issue that could cause the first weapon to be dropped when the Julianna player picks up multiple weapons at onceFixed an issue that could cause the mission results screen and progression to be skipped for the Julianna player if that player goes straight to Invasion matchmaking after successfully breaking the loop as Colt and watching the game creditsFixed an issue that could cause the “network connection to the server failed” message to remain on-screen after being resolvedFixed an issue that could cause Julianna to spawn above the ground, having to briefly fall before being able to moveFixed an issue that caused the visual effects of Karnesis, when used on an NPC, not to appear from Julianna’s point of view

Joseph Knoop is a writer/producer/Mr. Kill for IGN.

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