Stranger things have happened in the Tokyo suburbs.

Not too long ago we shared the news that The Kids We Were was due to arrive on Switch early next year; it’s a rather charming game following adventurous kids in the Japanese suburbs, featuring time travel and some lovely visuals. It turns out that it’s closer than originally thought, now due to arrive on the eShop on 2nd December priced at $15.99USD (and regional equivalents), but with 20% off on pre-orders.

Developed by GAGEX (which is known for feel good and nostalgic games), it’s a narrative adventure game that adopts blocky voxel-style visuals – think The Touryst but with a calmer colour palette. On mobile it’s had plenty of positive reviews, while the game has also won various awards on the Japanese scene. It involves a bit of time travel, a ‘Back to the Future’-esque quest and a setting of 1980s Tokyo suburbs.

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