A solid re-released remake.

For anyone not in the know, A Boy and His Blob has a surprisingly deep history, going all the way back to 1989. Originally released on the NES under the title A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia, it was since re-imagined for the Wii by developer WayForward, dropping the subtitle in the process. As far as reboots go it proved to be incredibly successful, and we even declared it “one of the most beautiful and polished Wii releases”. 12 year later, A Boy and His Blob still holds up in terms of visuals, but with a plethora of incredible puzzle platformers in the years since the gameplay has lost some of its standout sheen.

The narrative behind A Boy and His Blob is fairly minimal for the most part. Having escaped the planet Blobolonia, the titular ‘blob’ lands on earth and is greeted by our hero, known only as ‘boy’. The two must then team up to navigate a series of levels and ultimately defeat an evil emperor. As the boy is next to useless when it comes to abilities (no offence, mate), he must utilise the blob to gain access to areas that may otherwise be blocked off. Not only this, but each level contains various enemies that must be either avoided altogether or dispatched by utilising the immediate environment.

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