Alastair Low explains 8-bit love and how he’s making games more dyslexia-friendly.

Alastair Low hadn’t even been born when the NES was originally released in the UK. But he spent much of his childhood joyously playing on Nintendo’s 8-bit wonder machine after picking one up for a pittance at a car boot sale in the mid-1990s. “I remember getting a NES with R.O.B. and the gun for three pounds in the box,” he says. “Bloody amazing back then.” Although the console was far from current, he adored the machine. But when he upgraded to a Super NES, he encountered some problems.

Alastair has dyslexia, to the point where he finds some text almost impossible to read. “I remember playing The Legend of Zelda,” he gives as an example, “but because I’m really dyslexic, I hadn’t read the name ‘Zelda’, I just went, ‘Oh, it’s the game with the golden cover’.” When he later got Ocarina of Time on the N64, he didn’t realise it was part of the same series until he starting playing.

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