The best way to search for Switch deals sure ain’t on Switch.

Most fans would agree that Nintendo’s current eShop for Switch could use some work. Sure, it serves its purpose well from a purely transactional standpoint, but there are some glaring issues at the heart of it. The layout makes it difficult to just casually browse and find interesting new titles. User reviews used to be a feature, until Nintendo decided the eShop was better off without them. Worst of all, there’s no catchy music. The company has never been completely on the ball with its online offerings, but even given the fact that the sheer number of games on the system are bound to create discoverability issues, it would be difficult to argue that its latest iteration of the eShop is also its greatest.

Luckily for us, that doesn’t mean that digital shoppers have to suffer for the duration of this generation. A fan named Michael Fairley decided to step up where Nintendo won’t and put together an impressively useful site to help Switch owners find the best prices for the games and hardware they want. Deku Deals has become the indisputable gold standard for researching any purchases on Nintendo Switch, so we thought we’d speak with Michael to discuss his site at greater length and pick his brain regarding Nintendo’s own efforts in the digital storefront space.

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