The Wii sequel is darn good, too.

Sin & Punishment is a Nintendo 64 game well known among Nintendo enthusiasts, but there are also likely to be a number of Switch owners that see the logo for the game in the N64 app (for those that opt to get the Expansion Pass) and won’t have that flash of familiarity. It’s no wonder, too, as despite Nintendo co-developing it with Treasure it remained a Japan-only title when it launched in 2000.

It would be 2007 before players outside of Japan (and non-importers) could officially enjoy the game via the Wii Virtual Console, and later on the Wii U Virtual Console. The VC version drew in plenty of curious players, and then we had the brilliant Wii sequel Sin & Punishment: Star Successor in 2009. Sadly the series is now seemingly dormant, with Treasure’s only recent output being the port of Ikaruga that was published by Nicalis on Switch.

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