Ninja (side) scroll.

Are you looking for a fight, mate? Are you looking for a fight? Sounds like the threatening enquiry of a ne’er-do-well, but it’s the height of decorum compared to the typical inhabitant of a scrolling beat ’em up. Tunche is no different, as its assorted jungle pests don’t stop to ask how you feel about being licked, whomped, or banana-targeted – they just dive straight in and gnaw the HP off you.

The whole game doesn’t hang around to onboard the player either. There is a lot happening from the get-go, with Andrex-length scrolls of lore and instructions, a home camp screen that soon fills up with playable and non-playable characters, multiple collectible currencies, and stalls where you shop calculatedly through skill trees for multiple character profiles. That’s not to mention the in-play pick-ups and the constantly expanding movesets of each of five playable characters. For better or worse, it’s a far cry from the pick-up-and-play roots of the genre like Streets of Rage or Ninja Warriors (both excellently modernised for Switch in recent years).

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